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I'm Jamie: American expat, travel blogger, and author in progress. you can usually find a camera, a book, a pen, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine in my hands. [sometimes more than one at a time.] I'm an introvert who can't live without enough alone time. but one of my favorite places to be alone is in the middle of a bustling city. I like running, and cheese. I like video games, and romance novels. I like college football, and painting my nails. some might say I'm a contradiction, but I like to think I'm just human.

I write this blog to share my adventures while living overseas in Taiwan, and also because I just like to write. you'll find posts on our travels, everyday expat life, and personal musings. I love taking pictures and telling stories. in fact - I'm in the process of writing a travel memoir about this whole process of moving abroad and the personal [and geographical] journey that ensued.

about my life in Taiwan

my husband and I moved to Taiwan in July of 2012, after he accepted a position teaching high school social studies at an international school. we currently live in Taipei - where he continues to teach - though we spent 3 years in Hsinchu. after dabbling in teaching myself, I decided to pursue blogging and writing [and adventuring] full-time.

for more details on my expat journey: year 1 // year 2 // year 3 // year 4 // year 5

before we became expats in Taiwan: I was a packaging engineer and husband was still a teacher. we lived on the east coast of the US for about 5 years [New York, Princeton, and Philadelphia] and both grew up in the great state of Michigan. Husband and I met in 2004 while attending Michigan State University.

during our time abroad we have been able to travel to much of Asia, as well as to a few other amazing destinations that have captured my heart. in total I've been to 19 countries, and counting. if you're new to this blog, you may want to sort through posts by destination on my travels page, or browse posts dedicated to locations I've visited in Taiwan. you can also start by catching up on a few of my favorite posts, listed below.

facts and info:

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contacting me

I love to hear from readers! if you find yourself traveling through Taiwan and have any questions, please drop me a line to say hello. you can leave me a comment or email, or connect through social media. I have organized my blog and included a search feature in hopes that you can utilize the wealth of information I have already provided here - but if I've missed something feel free to shoot me an email  [ jamiethewalker at gmail.com ]

please note that I am not currently accepting sponsored content for this blog, nor am I interested in receiving form emails from companies who have not actually read my posts and considered if I would be a good fit to work with them. that being said - if you or your organization have a legitimate desire to collaborate in a way that is relevant to my work and my readers, I am all ears.

thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!
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