DIY wall art ideas : canvas

12 X 12 canvases bought at your local art store can be a great place to start for easy + economical decorating ideas.  while living in New Jersey I made several projects using paint, paper, tape, and canvas to bring a little life to our walls.

this canvas might be the one piece of art I sneak in my suitcase. obviously, it's the state of Michigan [or at least the lower peninsula] and obviously, the little heart is over East Lansing. so many things that I love about this state and that city... I'd love to take a little bit of home with me when we move abroad.

update: I posted a tutorial on how to make this canvas here!


this trio of paintings went home with a friend when we moved. I made this blue set to hang in our bedroom, and a red set for my sister. I intentionally made all the lines align across the canvases [because I'm cool like that] but it was a super simple project.

I've also been continuing my pinterest search for ideas to use in our new home in Taiwan. colorful washi tape is everywhere these days, and wrapping it around a canvas for a no-paint project seems like an easy way to bring some color into a room.

another no-paint project: cover several canvases in matching fabric. this one might require a serious stapler to get the fabric tight and secured to the wood frame, but it would definitely make a big impact with the right pattern.

if I get really brave, I might try something like this project. the biggest challenge for me would be picking a color scheme and getting all the paint mixing right. because - let's be real - I'm not buying 9 bottles of paint for one art project.

I definitely plan to use one or more of the photo wall art ideas I posted a few weeks ago, but adding more art to your home never hurts!


  1. You made the first one? How? I need to learn how to make my own! Or you can loan me yours when you move ;)

  2. I would love to make a Georgia state with a peach instead of a heart but I can't draw as well as you.

  3. it was actually really easy... I took some pictures while making it so maybe I will post it sometime :)


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