if you haven't heard/seen through the social network grapevine already: we bought a scooter. or to be more precise: Husband came home from a school meeting 2 hours late, said he got me something, and handed me a helmet.

my previously expressed feelings of mild to moderate terrified-ness in regards to riding a scooter have not really changed in the few days we have owned one. it reminds me of being on a jetski. except I know what falling off a jetski feels like, and even though hitting water at 25mph is painful I think pavement would hurt worse. but. maybe a small bit of fear is healthy when dealing with motorized vehicles... it will keep me from getting comfortable enough to try anything stupid.

I myself have not driven very far on the scooter. only around our little parking area near the school. Husband intentionally got a scooter comfortable enough for two. so he drives and I hold on for dear life use the footrest and grab bar like a second rider should. it does make me feel safer that we both have top-notch ultra-safe helmets. mine is even hot pink [or rhodamine red if you're going to get specific] so that other drivers will notice me and not run me over. 

or at least that's the theory.

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