best search terms of 2014

from time to time, I like to take a peek at the search terms people are using to find this blog. while I appreciate all and any traffic that comes my way, some of these terms are a little unexpected. I've compiled a list of the best [and most hilarious] terms I've spotted over the past year.

if you are someone who has discovered this blog through a search engine and have stuck around long enough to be reading this post, then awesome. I don't mean you any offense by listing your search term below, and hope I was able to help you find what you were looking for. those of you who arrived here by other means and are just here to be entertained... well, enjoy!

since I fall under the umbrella of "travel blog" you can probably guess I receive a lot of traffic from travel-related searches. many of them have been standard: things to eat in Taiwan, travel essentials, Bali packing list, etc. the entertaining ones are more specific, and sometimes a little strange... though I feel I've answered most of these questions:

dress code for Wat Arun
giant spider
do most hotels provide hairdryers in Bali? [not the one I stayed at!]
where to spot monkeys in Railay
buddha in tree
sound system of lotus temple
cycling Ubud calligraphy [huh?]
Taiwan strange things
Tokyo Disneyland popcorn bucket
a golden giant in Thailand
hidden lagoon Railay
why don't Taiwanese people use soap [um, most I know DO use soap!]

another big category for terms was cats. not what I was expecting. but... it's no secret that I love cats. leaving my fuzzballs behind was one of the hardest things about becoming an expat. one said fuzzball is pictured above, on the night I adopted him in 2008. I haven't shared much about my cats on this blog since they are back in Michigan, but I've obviously posted enough about other cats to draw several feline-related searches. most notably: temple cats and Thailand, cat crazy tours Ayutthaya, cat looks like zebra, and are there a lot of cats in Thailand?  [in case you are wondering... the answer is yes.]

this may or may not be due to series of posts I titled: cats of Thailand + parts twothree. and maybe also a post on the cats of Bali. and um, and a cat cafe in Taipei.

there have also been some slightly scandalous search terms. I have no idea how they led here, I just know that they did. unlike the travel and cat-related inquiries, I'm pretty sure I did not answer any of these questions. but somehow they still led here. some of the best [?] of these terms have been:

fantasy image dusk when his lonely shore alone
how to find a husband while teaching overseas
bras to wear while swimming
my teacher's wife hot scene
how to make love like newlyweds
making out on country road

and then, we have a collection of completely random terms. these are the ones that made me giggle [or just scratch my head.] I'm sure if I dug deep enough I could find where these led to, but perhaps it's better to just enjoy these phrases completely out of context:

god of the internet
all the oreo flavors ever made
how to decorate a roof with an unnecessary thing
hot doritos
sword in lions hand stamps
oozing brick walls
I don't care because I love myself
pavilion half shirts
stinky feet in face
boiled egg wrapped in pork wrapped dumpling
thing you put in your headphone socket
how do you say do you mind if i take my tablet down stairs
reclining chair and a half
keep out room signs
love sitting on balloons

have you ever looked at the search terms leading people to your blog? what has the craziest one been?

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