Wulai // chasing waterfalls

sometimes, exploring off the beaten track can lead you to a fantastic discovery. when my brother and I visited the Wulai Waterfall last summer, we decided to do some exploring. this led us to another waterfall... maybe not as impressive, but certainly secluded and beautiful.

after riding the somewhat sketchy cable car up to the top of the falls, we discovered a park/resort complex that was nearly empty. there was a pond, and a stream with a series of small waterfalls running through the park. we started wandering and realized that this stream was the one that flowed down to create the Wulai falls. and so we decided to follow it up as far as we could.

we soon encountered what appeared to be an obstacle course. a series of bridges, nets and ropes criss-crossed over the water. we ventured back and forth a few different ways before spotting a trail leading upstream from one side.

we trekked up the dirt path and discovered that it ended in a beautiful cascading waterfall. we were both drenched in sweat, and decided that dipping our feet in a cool stream sounded more appealing that our original plan of hiking back down for a dip in the hot springs.

we left our shoes on the bank and waded in. my brother ventured farther upstream and I was 40% taking pictures, and 60% yelling at him to be careful because. so what happened next shouldn't be that big of a shock.

my left foot slipped as I was taking a step and became wedged between some rocks in the stream. I lost my balance and realized I was about to fall. I wavered for a bit and decided it would be best to fall backward rather than pitching forward and potentially smashing my face or camera on unseen rocks under the water.

thankfully my backpack broke my fall, and I managed to keep the camera above water. I was drenched from the waist down. but other than my foot which had been stuck in the rocks, unharmed. my brother and I had a good laugh about it, then I decided to document the spot in which I fell, as seen above.

before drying our feet and making our way back to Taipei for some much-needed consolatory falafel and hummus, we encountered this little frog hiding in the rocks. I was soggy for the rest of the afternoon and my foot was bruised for a week, but I still think our hidden waterfall adventure was worth it.

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