a life update, from Taipei

it hit me on tuesday while I was scanning my card to exit the MRT - I live in Taipei.

I was making my second trip to IKEA in four days. [there's going to be at least one more this week.] and rather than just show my little printed card to a cab driver and be summarily delivered I wanted to use public transit. Husband was heading down to Hsinchu to get the rest of what we left behind and have lunch with students, so I shared a cab with him as far as Taipei Main Station. there we parted ways - him to the high speed rail and I to the MRT [Taipei's subway system.]

it's been eight years since I lived in New York, and though several places I've lived since could qualify as cities based on population, none of them truly felt like a city. you know, the kind of city where kids in the suburbs turn to each other and say "hey, want to go into the city this weekend?"

I smiled to myself as I navigated my way through the underground maze. because now I don't have to make plans to go to the city for a weekend. I live in the city. and it feels... like home. I love the energy, I love the easy access to everything, and I especially love the clean and orderly system that is Taipei public transit.

I managed to jam all my IKEA purchases into one backpack and one tote bag. and again, instead of taking the cab I decided to walk, MRT, and bus ride back to the apartment. even though it was 105F out. because I am a capable, independent, and stubborn woman.

we've been back for almost a week, and the apartment is finally coming together. thanks to a lot of sweat on our part and a constant stream of realtor, cleaning lady, IKEA delivery men, repair man, movers, cable guy, water delivery guy, and... probably someone else but I can't remember.

the one thing we really need to figure out is the trash and recycling system. Taiwan is quite particular about sorting things out, and our last apartment had a situation that was complicated but at least we [mostly] knew what to do. here we don't have to do as much sorting - I think - but we still don't want to piss off the neighbors or the landlady by putting things in the wrong place. we also have an overabundance of packing materials [as we continue to unbox everything] and it won't all fit in the designated area. thankfully they collect trash every day except wednesday and sunday, so we can remove it all bit by bit.

all that being said, Husband and I have come to the conclusion that this is the nicest apartment we have ever lived in. nice wood floors, tons of light, a huge kitchen, and so much counter space in my bathroom I don't even know what to do with it.

our location is a bit of a stroll from the MRT, but there's a bus station a few blocks away that will take you right there. we are pretty much across the street from a giant park [above] which contains a university, walking paths and a track, playgrounds, and a baseball stadium. and those mountains back there? I can see them peeking out from my bedroom window.

so maybe I'm bragging a little bit. but I am already in love with our neighborhood and this city. and it just feels like life here is going to be really really good.

at some point I'll get around to exploring the neighborhood with my camera. but for now you can keep up on instagram and snapchat [both @ jamiethewalker] because the weather has been feels-like-109F and afternoon thunderstorms each day.

and I still need to get more hangers so I can finish unpacking.

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