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aside from scooter adventures, catching up on our New Zealand road trip, and climbing every mountain I can see - life has still been happening. in an effort to keep the small stuff from falling through the cracks, I've assembled a life update. here's a few random things I've been up to lately:

becoming a bus girl

I'm not sure why, but I kindof love taking the bus. it makes me feel so accomplished to have figured out how to get from A to B without springing for a cab or spending an hour walking. the other day I discovered a new bus that has the most convenient route from my house to the MRT and I got so excited. maybe that's strange but I'm just going to embrace it.

girls weekend in Kenting

two weeks ago I went on my first Taiwan beach day. that led to planning a girls weekend in Kenting over the 10.10 holiday. we had such a great time! the weather didn't downpour the whole time like it was supposed to, we found a gorgeous hidden beach, ate some truly tasty meals, and made friends with the coolest bartender named Mars. I'm so glad to have found friends that understand food allergies, have the occasional need for wine o'clock, and will jump on the beach 40 times for a photo op.

loving on Taiwan

it's kindof hard not to after these past few months of exploring. the whole weekend I was just in awe that the beaches of Kenting were on the same island as the mountains of Yangmingshan and towering marble walls of Taroko Gorge. I could have been in Hawaii or New Zealand, but I was only a few hours from home. I know I'm biased, but I'm so grateful to live on this island. and in case I haven't sold you on visiting yet, you may want to read this article on how Taiwan became the hottest food destination on earth. it also gives a succinct and straightforward summary of Taiwan's political history.

blogging from the heart

last week I started an e-course through Susannah Conway called "blogging from the heart." I've always loved her end-of-year workbooks and have been considering this for a while. I really want to get back to the guts of blogging, and this course seemed to line up with my philosophy more than any others out there. I'm a little behind on my lessons [what with the long weekend and all] but I'm hopeful this will have a good impact on my space here.

homesickness for fall

as awesome as it was to spend a weekend on the beach in October, a part of me longs for sweatshirts and crunchy leaves, apple cider and tailgate. I always miss Michigan in the fall. [if you've ever been, you know why.] I also just watched the New Jersey episode of Bourdain's Parts Unknown... and was completely caught off guard by how nostalgic I got for the state that was my east coast home for 4 years. fall is the season where we would visit the apple orchard, shop at the farmers market, order wings or hoagies and host football parties. Taiwan weather has been attempting to cool off, but it's not quite to the fall I remember just yet.

planning for the end of 2015

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is feeling stunned at how little time is left in this year. we've been working on booking our Christmas holiday, preparing for my sister-in-law to visit in a few weeks, and dreaming up an expat Thanksgiving menu. we are also trying to sort out our big plans for next summer. destination[s?] have not yet been set but I can tell you that I'm going to be exploring a new continent!

and that's about it for now. anything exciting going on in your life lately?

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