one year in Taipei: bucket list revisited

shortly after moving here last summer, I assembled a list of 101 things to do in Taipei. so far I have been able to cross 40 items off of that list! I thought it would be fun to look back on the activities of the last year and share which were my favorites, which I would recommend skipping, and what things I'm most itching to try next.

[hopefully, compiling this post will get me motivated to go out and cross a few more things off my bucket list.]

my favorite Taipei adventures

Juifen day trip // magical old mining town strewn with red lanterns
Huashan 1914 Creative Park // exposed brick hipster paradise
Mt Qixing // the highest peak in Taipei
Elephant Mountain // my favorite hike with visitors
Guandu Temple // the most massive and elaborate temple complex around

the best things I haven't blogged yet

Dihua Old Street // there are 300 photos just chilling on my hard drive
Taipei 101 // seriously, I've been 5 times and never blogged about it
Jinguashi Waterfall // please reference the above photo
Cats & Cafe // the original cat cafe, full of fluffy friends

places that disappointed me

Jiantan Trail // I blame the hazy weather and lots of bugs
National Museum of History // the collection was sadly unimpressive compared to NPM
Tianmu Trail // too many steps and too many people for not enough views

not on my list but should be added

Dongmen // this neighborhood is too cute not to be documented
Taipei Expo Center // restaurants, shops, craft beer bars, and a weekend farmer's market
Zhongxiao Dunhua // another adorable neighborhood, great for shopping
Youbike // one of my favorite activities in Taipei
Houtong Cat Village // an old mining town full of stray cats

places I'd like to revisit

Taipei Zoo // it's huge and I still haven't seen all of it
Taipei Botanical Gardens // I always seem to miss when things are in bloom
Jilong Mountain // I'm thinking winter - my last visit was super sweaty and buggy
Tamsui // my only visit there was ten minutes to find a candy shop and leave

what I'm dying to see next

Pingxi Lantern Festival // do an image search and you'll see why - magical!
Fort Santo Domingo // the history of this place intrigues me
Teapot Mountain // I need to be in better shape for the scrambles but this WILL happen
Zhinan Temple // I've been curious about this mountain temple for years

ok. now let's go out and see some of these things! if you've been to Taipei, what other favorite activities would you add? have you done/seen anything on my list?

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