sunset at Lime Kiln Point

Lime Kiln Light on San Juan Island is not just a great place to watch for orcas, but a beautiful sunset viewpoint.
on the first day of our Pacific Northwest road trip, we drove north from Seattle and hopped a ferry from Anacortes out to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. my parents were fighting a 3 time zone change, while my jetlag was a difference of 15 hours. we were all tired, but we only had 2 nights on the island. so when we realized the weather would give us a beautiful sunset... I had another cup of coffee and we drove out to Lime Kiln Point.

Lime Kiln State Park is situated on the western coast. which means: stunning sunsets. across the water you can see the Olympic Peninsula to the south and Canada [Vancouver Island] to the west. but the real reason we picked this spot for sunset? the lighthouse.

Lime Kiln Light may be small, but I thought it was adorable. we also gave it bonus points because it was built the same year my mom's mom was born. [I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that my love of lighthouses is genetic - at one point we had a lighthouse themed bathroom at my house.]

between the reflective water, craggy rocks, and cute little lighthouse - we were all in photo heaven.

Lime Kiln is known for being a prime orca watching spot. we didn't see any that night [though there was a promising shadow that turned out to be seaweed.] it was still a lovely spot to spend an hour or two.

our trip is coming to an end now. even though we've been traveling for 17 days - and have seen several gorgeous sunsets and many many lighthouses - we all agreed that this was our favorite.

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