Little Sable Point Light

it's no secret that I have a thing for lighthouses. so a few weeks ago when Husband and I biked the Hart to Montague trail in west Michigan - we had to take a detour to Silver Lake to visit Little Sable Point Light. [especially given that we had already seen the other 3 major lights in the region: White River, Big Sable Point, and Ludington North Breakwater.]

side note: over the course of this summer, I have visited 12 lighthouses in 3 states. no joke.

the draw of lighthouses for me is multifaceted: something historical, situated on the water, and with [usually] stunning views. even though we had already biked 23 miles that morning, I convinced Luke to climb the tower with me. Little Sable Point is 107 feet tall. but... my legs were already going to be sore the next day. so why not?

the views were totally worth the climb. I could wax poetic about third order Fresnel lenses and exposed brick. but mostly... I'm in it for the views.

as my time in Michigan winds down, this day stands out as one of my favorites from the summer. the trees, the sand dunes, and the blues of Lake Michigan - even the burn in my legs from climbing those stairs. I know I'm biased about my home state, but to me, this coastline is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

visiting the light

Little Sable Point Light is inside a Michigan State Park so you will need a recreation passport [$11] to enter. to climb the lighthouse is a $5 charge, which goes to restoration and upkeep.

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