the colors of Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is one of the most colorful places in Seattle. even when it's gray and rainy outside, the market is full of bright flowers, produce, seafood and neon signs.

it's pretty much a given that if you're visiting Seattle, you will go to Pike Place Market. and if you're a blogger who is visiting Seattle, that you will take hundreds of photos while at Pike Place Market.

it's hard to resist. the fish, the flowers, the neon, the vegetables... that ubiquitous sign. Pike Place Market is one of the most colorful places in Seattle, even when it's gray and rainy outside. maybe it was destiny that we ended up here on such a dull day. but then again, destiny is something we invented because we can't stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental.

do you see where I'm going here?

here's a weird little perk of travel that makes me happy: recognizing a place that I've been while watching a movie or TV.

Husband and I watched Sleepless in Seattle a few nights ago, and I haven't been able to get Pike Place Market out of my head ever since. they never specifically say where they are, and it's a really short scene sequence. but it almost feels like an inside joke. even though I visited 20 years after the movie was made [wow I'm getting old] I could still recognize the exact spots they were standing in the market.

we visited on a Monday morning, and while it was busy it wasn't packed. it seemed like a few shops were closed and a couple stalls were empty, but I don't think we missed out on much. there was a TON to see. I found the colors and the noises familiar, and even spotted a few of the fruits and vegetables I never thought to see outside of Asia.

I love shopping at my neighborhood market here in Taipei, and it's one of my favorite places to bring visitors. Pike Place definitely had a touristy feel, but I think the locals would shop there too [can my PNW friends corroborate this?]

there are plenty of guides out there on things you "must see" or "must eat" while at Pike Place Market. having only been to the market once, and not even setting foot inside the famous Starbucks [a blogger cardinal sin!] I don't feel qualified to write another one. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed my Rachel's Ginger Beer, and my family got some amazing looking stuff from the Polish Piroshky Piroshky Bakery.

we did, however, make a detour to see the instagram-famous gum wall...

as a concept, I find the gum wall pretty disgusting. I have a bit of a germ phobia. the idea of hundreds of strangers sticking their chewed gum all over a public place? ewww. however, I have to admit that the colors are eye catching. it's actually kindof impressive just how much gum is decorating the alleyway. but... it's still gross.

it was interesting to see, but I enjoyed my time in the rest of the market more. I guess I just prefer fruits and vegetables [and even raw fish] to chewed up gum.

now if you'll excuse me, I think I have to go rewatch Sleepless in Seattle...

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