hello, adventure

welcome family, friends, and random strangers on the internet!  this is a big moment right here: the first post.

perhaps it’s best to start with a little background information. I’m Jamie. Husband is Luke. and this summer, we are moving to Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Husband recently accepted a 2-year position teaching at a high school there. currently we live near Princeton, NJ [where Husband is finishing the school year in Philadelphia, and I am soon to be trading employment for a month of packing and driving our things to storage in Michigan.] mid-June we will be heading back to “the mitten” for time with family + friends before leaving for Taiwan at the end of July.

I’ve started this blog to chronicle life’s adventures leading up to and after our move to Taiwan. at this point I'm not entirely sure what all that will include... bits of our everyday life, travels around the region, experiments in the kitchen, attempting to learn Mandarin, my informal-rambling-run-on-sentence style of writing, etc etc. one thing I will promise is to share lots of pictures.

I plan to write here instead of sending mass emails, so feel free to subscribe using the links on the right sidebar, and leave any comments or questions here on the blog. [or you can email me directly at: jamiethewalker@gmail.com]

looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all!



  1. I'm super, SUPER excited for this! xoxo

  2. Hey - why don't you two swing by 8-point on your way to Mackinac Island? Could see most of the fam all at once :)

  3. So excited to read all about your adventures (and see some gorgeous pictures of course!)


  4. Will be great to share in the excitement of your journey through your blog and photos!

  5. wonderful! it will be an adventure, indeed :)

  6. yay! so exciting. i hope that you guys are so blessed and have so many wonderful memories and adventures together. husband and i met while traveling in China. we adore traveling together and have so many great memories in places around the world.

    happy monday, friend!


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