home again, home again

I'm typing this post from the iPad, lying in the sun in my backyard in Michigan. isn't technology awesome?

on Sunday, I drove the first load of our stuff back to the mitten. packing up things gave me a lot to think about... what to take with us, what to leave here, what to get rid of. I think this move will be a great opportunity to get rid of some clutter in our life. this is only the first load of stuff I'll be driving back, but we made sure to pack the car to the brim.

included in that carfull was one of our cats, Beaumont. he is going to be living here in MI at my parent's house for the next few years. I’ve had more than a few emotional moments about leaving him behind, but 20 hours of travel to Taiwan followed by a 6 week to 6 month quarantine doesn’t seem fair to him.

I adopted Beau in October 2008. this is a picture from the first night I had him – just a baby. he is curious and energetic, loves to snuggle, and comes running when I call his name. and he is fluffy. very fluffy.

I will miss him dearly, but I know my parents will take good care of him. already he is settling in and getting comfortable here [that's a yawn, not a roar]. my parents already have a cat at home, Lulu, and even though she and Beau haven't made friends yet it looks like they will be able to co-habitat a little more peacefully than Beau and Rocky ever did.

other than introducing the kittens... we have had visitors in town, Daddy-Daughter lunch dates [with spectacular shaved brisket with smoked gouda in a MI cherry BBQ sauce!] and gone out to dinner with friends to celebrate my Mom's retirement from teaching preschool! I've also tried to take a little time to slow down and enjoy this whole not working thing... morning coffee on the deck, sitting in the sun, and photographing my Mom's gorgeous flowers around the house and yard.

with the help a friend [thanks Mike!] the rest of the car load has now been moved to "storage" in my mother-in-law's basement. tomorrow I’m headed back east with Katie in tow for a long weekend full of trips to NYC and lots of photo fun. she's coming out to help me pack another load of stuff to drive back next week, but of course we need to enjoy ourselves a little too. my "cousin-in-law" Dave is also driving out to visit this weekend, so I'm sure lots of fun [and photos] will be had!


  1. the kitten and the mitten!
    i'm excited to play with beau when i go home this weekend!

  2. I just found your cute little blog. I wish you the best on your move and next transition in life. We are currently living in South Korea,, originally from the states (PA). Taking a chance, putting most of what we know in storage, and traveling half way around the world..some think we are crazy. To us it's been the most amazing life experience. I think you both will love it! Just keep an open mind and embrace the differences.

    Feel free to check out our blog and comment as you like too.

    Looking forward to seeing your life updates!



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