DIY wall art ideas: photos

since Husband and I only have a small shipping allowance for moving to Taiwan, we plan to leave most of our things at home. the bulk of what we move will be clothes and teaching supplies, with a few select kitchen items.

while I've been procrastinating packing enjoying my spare time, I've been thinking of different ideas for decorating our new home. mainly things that either can "travel light" or I can easily create after we have moved. since they are cheap to print and I have a LOT of digital stored up, I found a few creative ideas using photo prints. obviously, I found most of these ideas through Pinterest. [don't lie, you're addicted too!]

use wire or twine + clothespins to hang across a wall.

make a collage with different frames [hello, Ikea!]

put all the photos into one GIANT frame.

draw your own frames on the wall. [probably not cool with the landlord, but a neat idea.]

or even just tape the photos in a fun shape on the wall.

what do you think? I definitely want to display some of my photography in our new home and I think these all could be great [and inexpensive] ideas for decorating. I also like that the photos can easily be switched out every few months or whenever you need a change of scenery. expect pictures of a finished photo display a few weeks after move-in!


  1. Oh I just love the first idea. I wish I had a large blank wall to do it!


  2. Traditional I guess, but I like 2 and 3.

  3. I love the draw-your-own-frames idea! Might be a pain to paint over, but super cute for customizing your space.


  4. Maybe the draw your own frames could be done with those wall sticker thingys whose proper name is escaping me as the moment...oh...decals!

  5. I thing the wall art is the good and easy work for a house wall. Because when you buy some new art, Its you can easily attach on the wall.


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