two years


this past monday, June 25th, was our second wedding anniversary. since time for travel is limited before the big move, we decided to take a mini-cation to East Lansing. Husband and I met while attending MSU, so it was nice to wander around downtown and campus to reminisce together. we hit all our old haunts, including the Sparty statue and the Beaumont Tower where the actual proposal happened. [that's also where our cat, Beau, gets his name.]

we strolled Grand River with my brother, had lunch with an old friend at the Peanut Barrel, and drinks with a new friend at Dublin Square. for dinner we went to our most absolute favorite place in EL: El Azteco. it's a shame they are building some new apartments that now tower over the roof deck [spoiling our sunset view] but the cheese dip and the margaritas were just as tasty as ever.

our night ended with a stop at the Riv, where Husband proceeded to school me in the art of billiards.

I'm trying to avoid the mushy-gushy stuff... but let me just say I'm so happy that I married someone who continuously makes me laugh, who is understanding and supportive, and who occasionally will let me win at shooting pool. I'm lucky to have had him by my side these past 2 years, and I can't wait to start our next adventure together.


  1. You two are adorable! Happy Anniversary!

  2. I didn't know that's where your cat got its name, so cute!


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