keep running

my Dad crossed the finish line in Boston today an hour before the bombs went off. he and my Mom were walking to the train when they heard the explosions. they were far away enough that they didn't realize anything was wrong until they were evacuated from a train. thankfully they are both safe and unhurt in their hotel.

and while I'm relieved that my loved ones are ok, my heart is heavy because I know others are not. there's no news yet of who did this or why, but honestly all I can think is... what kind of an asshole bombs a marathon?

these people have spent years or even decades of running and trying to qualify for this event. they spent months training and hours racing. and all the spectators - there to support both loved ones and strangers as they attempt the world's most famous 26.2, cheering on their hard work and dedication. only to have it culminate in a senseless act of violence.

but in the midst of fear and destruction, the world shows us that people can be good too. the bombs went off and people rushed to help. not just fire and police, but everyday people.

there is bad in this world, but there is also good.

so for everyone out there: runners, spectators, citizens of Boston, ones who have no connection to this event other than they are human and have a heart... keep doing good, keep believing in the good. keep living, keep loving. and keep running.

// Husband, myself, my Dad after the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in Detroit 2011


  1. beautiful thought at two in the morning. i thought the insomnia was gone but after a long day of teaching then seeing these stories when i stopped to eat just put me under. so grateful that your parents are okay and that your message of goodness & hope is in the world xx

  2. A lovely piece, so glad you mum and dad are ok. It's such a tragic thing to happen


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