who's that Lady?

this morning, our phone rang. 

thirty minutes later we were out in front of our building looking at a sweet ball of fur curled up on the pavement.

one of Husband's co-workers was walking through the park and this little pup followed her home. literally. she would have kept her, except this is the fourth [fifth?] stray that has tried to adopt her. she's already kept one. and though she is in better shape than most stray dogs we see roaming around here, she needs some love and a home.

I am not a dog person. I am not a dog person. but how can you say no to that face? this little lady is an unbelievable sweetheart. and her ears are super soft and fuzzy and fluffy and irresistible. so she's kindof staying with us until she finds a more permanent home. [for now we are sortof splitting with our friends upstairs who previously fostered Mr Bojangles.]

the four of us [her foster parents] took her for a walk around the lake this afternoon. right now she's curled up snoozing in front of the tv. we haven't officially decided on a name, though we've been testing out a few. she's a beautiful creamy milk tea/ white russian color, I was calling her Bambi for a while, but I think I like Lady the best. 
[cue the Isley Brothers, and out.]


  1. She is adorable! I can see why you couldn't send her away. I'm wasn't a dog person at all until I got my boy, he has big melt your heart eyes too!

  2. She's pretty cute! (I am hiding this post from Beau!)

  3. awwwww. she's BEAUTIFUL!!! you may not have been a dog person BEFORE the doorbell rang but I think all that's changed Sister! Loved waking up to such a warm fuzzy Sunday story xx


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