life lately // hsinchu summer

school is out and expat friends are taking off for home or other travels. walking outside feels a little bit like stepping into a bowl of soup... the humidity is now in full force. the sunrise starts at 4:43am. summer has officially arrived in Hsinchu.

Husband's mother has also arrived. for her first meal out in Taiwan we - of course - took her to Din Tai Fung.

the boys had fun picking out a selection of our favorites for her to try. I think I reminded Husband to order me soup too many times because a GIANT bowl arrived, but we managed to finish it. we had 13 of us so they split us into 2 tables [you can see the rest of our friends in the back of the last picture] and stuck us in the far back corner of the restaurant. but we still had a good time. and ate lots of good food.

today we put my mother-in-law on the back of a scooter and saw a few Hsinchu sights. we walked through the flower market, and a bit of the attached day market that was just setting up. then we stopped in the glass museum [no pictures allowed, boo!] and headed to our favorite burger place [Rick's] for lunch.

it's definitely fun to have visitors and play tourist in your own town. I'm excited for all the exploring and adventures in the next few weeks [and of course to share them!]


  1. What a great time! It is so much fun to show people the sights and to have an excuse to go to all of your favorite places again! Enjoy the time together!

  2. love your dress! and your mother-in-law looks adorable! happy summer & happy travels xx

  3. I love it when family comes to visit. You're right, it's a great opportunity to be a tourist in your own town.


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