three years

three years ago, next to a river deep in a green valley in eastern Pennsylvania, this happened.

I was so excited to marry this man that we started the ceremony five minutes early. a shirtless and sweaty old man almost ran into a bridesmaid coming down the aisle. some kids hiking across the river started yelling "it's not too late" "run" "don't do it" right before we exchanged vows. I had to take off my shoes in the middle of our first dance. we didn't smash cake in each other's faces, but somehow I managed to get some down my dress.

funny how the details I remember and cherish the most are the little imperfections of the day.

we danced and laughed and drank the night away with our best family and friends. the scenery was beautiful - one of our favorite places in Philly, the food was delicious, and our DJ was incredible. I had an unbelievable amount of fun, down to the last song of the night during which some friends whipped out a red leather jacket and zombie dance moves - because it was Thriller, of course.

our life has changed so much since then... and I can't wait to see where the next three [or seventy-three] years take us. 

[photo by the awesome ninja/photographer David Difuntorum]


  1. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sunday so I'm all for romantic anniversary blog posts!

  2. Aw that was such a sweet look into your wedding day! Happy Anniversary!

  3. awe this is so incredibly sweet! congrats you two!!!

  4. I love you so much for having a sweaty shirtless man almost run into a bridesmaid at your wedding. You make me want to fall in love & get married again. Well - almost xx happy anniversary + 73 years + more

  5. happy anniversary! we didn't smash cake either. he fed me nicely with a fork :)


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