vacation brain + other things

vacation brain. you guys know what I'm talking about, right? when you let yourself relax so much that your mind even slows down. and then it starts to tell you things it normally wouldn't: go ahead, skip the mascara. coffee? dessert? drinks at lunch? why not, you're on vacation. messy hair, glasses, and umbrellas.... sounds like it's time for a photo shoot. oh, and don't bother checking your exposure. look at this cool temple/statue/building/grafitti/cat! take its picture. in fact, why not take pictures of everything! there's room on the memory card.

[on Railay beach one morning after breakfast... Husband and our friend Hundey who met us in Kuala Lumpur and traveled to Thailand with us this last time. yes, they are wearing matching tank tops.]

sure, you have a great time while you're at it. but then you come home and realize you have a bajillion pictures to go through and edit and write blog posts about. and you get a little overwhelmed because you've never really been great at just posting as you go, and with one vacation after another for 4 months [I know, #firstworldproblems] you suddenly realize it's practically september and you have photos and stories from june. but also from last weekend.

I'm trying to process all these things. but also to enjoy the time I'm spending back here in the states. I'm trying to figure out what to start sharing, and get back into my groove.

but still be on vacation. because, technically, I am still on vacation.

which makes this next part sound really crazy: do you guys remember when I [kindof] participated in Jenni's blog every day in may? well... she's sharing a new challenge for september: blogtember. thankfully, this one skips weekends and doesn't start until after the holiday, so maybe I'll make it a better than 50% completion rate this time. [or, let's be honest, maybe not] but a few of the topics on her list I really want to try writing about. and somehow mix that in with all the other stuff I need to write.

this should be interesting.

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