great white city

[I can't look at pictures of Chicago without hearing this song, so you may need to listen to it as you read.]

my favorite thing about Chicago? breeze that sweeps in off the lake. most cities smell like cities: trash, sweaty people, roasting hot dogs, dirty pavement. and that has its own kind of charm. but Chicago was a breath of fresh air.

New York will always be "my city" and Philly has a special place in my heart. I love Detroit because I grew up in Michigan and- come on, it's Detroit- but Chicago has grown on me. when I graduated and moved to the east coast it seemed like ALL my classmates wanted to stay in the midwest. I literally tried to find someone to take a job in NYC and they all turned it down for places like Grand Rapids and Omaha. I couldn't understand it. and the only ones who wanted to move to a big city wanted to move to Chicago because it was so cool.

well, turns out Chicago is pretty cool. the architecture, the lake, the food, the art, the people... it reminded me a lot of Philadelphia with all the neighborhoods spreading out, but the people definitely had more of a midwest charm. Philly has an attitude [and I love it], but Chicago is pretty chill. a little more laid back, a little more down to earth.

more to come.

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