how I spent my summer vacation // 52 weeks project update

I was really tempted to write you another list, but two list posts in a row might be pushing it. even for me. and because there is an enormous pile of photos to be shared and stories to be written from this summer, we are going to have ourself a little recap by way of instax photos. [see, I knew this 52 weeks project thing would come in handy!]

25// exploring the Hsinchu city gate
26// Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall
27// white goddess at Pu Tian temple
28// remnants of Typhoon Soulik
29// on the beach in Railay

the first batch is from July. life was pretty much a blur between my mother-in-law visiting, our trip to Thailand, and packing to leave for the states. oh, and that typhoon. we spent a lot of time in Bangkok this time and I have a lot more than just cat photos to share... prepare yourself for some seriously gorgeous temples and enchanting ruins in the weeks [months?] to come as I catch up.

30// sunrise on my first morning back in Michigan
31// Target, my personal Mecca
32// visiting the bean in Chicago
33// Detroit Tigers game
34// walking the pier in Ludington
35// Eastern Market grafitti

my first month back in the states was... an adjustment. I loved being able to grocery shop the American way, and stuff myself with all the bacon and bbq pork and ranch dressing I could get my hands on. and Target, my beloved Target. I went at least twice a week. sometimes just to wander aimlessly... though usually I walked out with a new nailpolish. I dealt with reverse culture shock [some days better than others.] I went to Chicago and played tourist with my cousin, I went to Ludington and soaked in the Lake Michigan summer, and I spent some time in the Motor City.

36// my Papa's stamp collection
37// the SS Badger carferry
38// dunes on Lake Michigan
39// Hart Plaza in Detroit
40// Blake's apple orchard

and then September hit. suddenly I was closer to my departure date than to my arrival date, and life kicked into high gear as I tried to cram in as much as humanly possible. there were tailgates and manicure dates, a photography workshop and bike rides along the riverfront, muffin baking and apple picking, friends married and a baby born, shopping and packing, having mom take in some unfortunate online purchases [thanks mom!], meeting friends for quick drinks or sitting on their couches for hours, and a last-minute haircut. and on top of all that, I participated in a blogging challenge. yep, I'm nuts.

actually, looking back at all the posts I managed... I did a decent job keeping up. right now I'm diving deep into the Everyday Happy e-course, and still trying to find the right way to schedule my days and adjust back into expat life. but I want to try making a better commitment to sharing things before they are forgotten or lost forever in my photo archives. I've been thinking a lot about the future, and this whole book thing, and what I want for this space. not that I've finished these thoughts or come to a solid conclusion... but I'm thinking them. and that's a start.

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