weekly wishes #2

ok, kids. let's talk weekly wishes. and me looking awkward for the "selfie" photo theme. [or maybe we'll skip that last part.]

last week's wishes were: get outside every day, set up a weekly schedule, and unpack my last suitcase. I think I'm two and a half out of three... I made it outside every day, and three days even went running. saturday I was outside practically the entire day. check. the suitcase was unpacked, the closet was organized, and everything put away. double check. where I ran into problems was the whole schedule thing. I made a schedule. so there's half a check... but it's really a really general schedule. it kindof goes like this: do something you have to do, then do something you want to do. rest if you need it. repeat. I'm not sure if that counts as a schedule, but I've done well at keeping the balance so far and if it works I'll stick with it.

so for this week... my goals are pretty basic.

1. I want to finish and post a font download. I've been playing around with a few ideas lately. they're all just scribble-ish handwritten fonts, but hopefully you guys will enjoy them as much as the "skinny caps" font I posted last year.

2. organize the bookshelf in my office. or at least start. and hang up my 52 weeks project photos from the summer. they are definitely still sitting in a pile on my desk right now.

3. watch Hocus Pocus. because Halloween is this week. and Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie. ever. of all time. 

happy monday, and hope you all had a fantabulous weekend [I did!] 

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