I committed the cardinal blogging sin. I didn't take any pictures of Thanksgiving this year. not a single one. but as Phyllis reminded me: sometimes you need to live your life, not photograph it.

I might not be able to show you what I'm thankful for, but I can still tell you. [don't worry, I won't further my transgressions by missing the obligatory Thanksgiving post. even if I'm a few days late.]

I'm thankful for the wonderful little community of expats we have here. for friends who are crazy and generous enough to invite 35 people over to their tiny apartment for a potluck dinner. I'm thankful for ironic conversations on the topic of artificial insemination for turkeys, for chubby babies and camping chairs and paper cups of red wine, for peppermint bark and cranberry sauce. and for green bean casserole, despite the gluten hangover it gave me.

I'm thankful for Husband. for the mornings he brings me coffee, for the times he wraps me up in blankets like a burrito, and for every single laugh. I'm thankful that he let me drag him out and shoot some photos to send my Mom for Christmas cards this afternoon. and for the hilarity caused by the people who stopped to take pictures of us taking pictures of ourselves. I'm thankful that my Husband has a job that allows me to spend time with him, but also allows me to spend time with myself.

I'm thankful to live on this funny little island, where sometimes you can wear tshirts in December. [though sometimes it's freezing and I'm thankful for space heaters and the miracle of sweatpants.] I'm thankful for the mountain I climbed this morning, the view from the top during our workout, and even the pushups Husband made me stop and do every 2 minutes on our run back down. I'm thankful that even though my knees feel old sometimes I can still run and move my body.

I'm thankful for the internet, and for the ability to connect with friends and family back home. I'm thankful that they support me, even when I'm far away. I'm thankful that I've found expat friends both online and in real life who can understand both the struggles and the awesome sauce that being an expat can bring into your life. I'm thankful for scooting and the opportunity to travel and that the theatre plays movies in English.

I'm thankful for you - yes, you - who are reading this blog. and that you probably won't judge my grammar too harshly.

I'm thankful... for a lot of things. I'm thankful for how much I've grown this past year. and I'm thankful to be thankful.

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