how I was awesome in 2013

I think we all need to remind ourselves of our own greatness sometimes. good things happen to us in life, but we also make these things happen by our actions and the choices that we make. I want to believe that I have a hand in my own destiny. my 2013 was awesome, because I was awesome in 2013.

do I sound a little ridiculous? maybe a little full of myself?

well, at the end of 2012 I was not feeling quite so positive. I had just survived my first months as an expat and was recovering from a scooter crash. and all I could think about was what I hadn't accomplished. over the course of 2013 I have grown - a lot - and become a happier person. so as we end the year I'm choosing to look back and give myself big hi-five. I'm linking up with Melyssa for weekly wishes today to share the things I accomplished and goals I achieved this year, big and small.

here are some of the ways I was awesome in 2013 - in no particular order, and with lots of links for you to investigate if you so choose:

I started keeping a journal
I participated in two month-long blogging challenges
I trained for and ran a ten mile race
I fostered a puppy
I survived the epic mattress/leaky ceiling drama
I started creating and sharing my own fonts
I took risks and faced my fears

I went outside my comfort zone
I traveled to Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong
I figured out how to turn around a bad day
I organized my life a little more
I tutored a few Chinese teachers in English
I attended a photography workshop
I started writing a book

I painted a chevron wall in my office
I completed the Everyday Happy e-course
I began purchasing sponsorships to promote my blog
I watched a sunrise
I used a squat toilet for the first time
I chopped my hair short
I purchased + hung curtains in our apartment
I weathered a typhoon or two

I got outside and adventured more
I created + launched my own sponsorship program
I redesigned my blog four times [at least]
dated my Husband, on occasion
I worked on scheduling my time to get more done
I ate a lot of bacon while in the US
I set + achieved goals with weekly wishes

I asked for help when I needed it
I learned more about myself and how I operate
I packed for a weekend trip in one small backpack
I completed a 52 weeks project
I filled up that journal I began in January
I shot this ridiculous end-of-year self photoshoot
I found five dollars, literally

phew. of course there were things I didn't do this year and ways I'd like to improve, but today we are celebrating the positives. I wasn't perfect, but I was pretty awesome. hopefully you aren't annoyed or intimidated by this list, but feeling inspired to create your own. [I mean... if squat toilets and bacon count as awesome, then I think it's safe you assume you can dig up some good from your 2013.]

look back through your journal or your blog archives, even your Facebook feed, and I promise you will find things. nothing is too big or small. you watched the entire series of Battlestar Galactica? awesome. you finally cleaned out your closet? awesome. bought a stranger a cup of coffee, read a new book, adopted a kitten? awesome, awesome, awesome. make your list, and then tell me! because I want to know: how were YOU awesome this year?

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