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today we're going to talk about a something that I think a lot of us [including myself] have struggled with: self-love.

I truly believe that loving yourself is the basis for having a healthy and rewarding relationship with anyone else. regardless of being single, married, or otherwise - you should treat yourself with respect and kindness. because, gosh darn it, you deserve to be loved.

now that you've heard my two cents, I have some more advice from two very lovely 20-something ladies. both of them are into coffee, travel, and creativity [so I know you'll like them.] I asked Megan and Annie a few questions about how they love on themselves. I hope you enjoy what they have to say, and be sure to check out their blogs for more.

the basics: Hello, it’s Megan of The Artistic Brunette - lover of music, coffee, seeing beautiful places and life! Visit the artistic brunette to learn more about amazing places to get a bite to eat, countries and places to explore, my latest life endeavors and tips on navigating a career as a 20Something. Come join the music!

three things that you love about yourself:
1. I love my ability to plan something from start to finish.
2. I love the fact that I am talented at working in the arts and non-profits bringing music to the world.
3. I love that I have a heart to help people and make them laugh.

how do you practice self-love?: Every week, I write down five things that I love about myself on my white board. This is so every time I leave for school, it is the first thing I see.

imagine the perfect date... with yourself. you have a private jet and unlimited funds available. where would you go and what would you do?: If I took myself on a date, I am sure it would be non-stop. I would have my own jet plane (heck I'd just invent a transporter), and I would first take myself to the streets of Paris, France for a croissant and coffee for breakfast. I would munch on this with the Eiffel tower in the background. Then I would beam over to Amsterdam to take a quick bike ride around the city and take pictures of tulips. Hehe I would most likely spend the afternoon sitting at a cafe in Salzburg drinking a coffee and eating a mozart kugel. Maybe I would even read my favorite book while people watching. It would be hard to decide where to end the day for dinner. However, I know I would dress myself up in an elegant gown, maybe eat on the canals of Venice then spend the night dancing at a ball in Vienna's Habsburg palace. Yes, I would get around. 

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the basics: I'm a 23-year-old working in finance and recently published author. Jesus, words, and new places set my heart afire. I write mostly about faith and travel, but I've written a more than necessary share of posts about TV shows (primarily Downton Abbey and Once Upon A Time).

three things that you love about yourself:
1. My tenacity. When I'm determined to know or do a thing I go after it singlemindedly.
2. My legs. I played soccer for ten years and since the gyms I played at growing up rarely had soccer balls, I practiced kicking with basketballs instead. I have some pretty strong legs!
3. My hair. Okay, this one I'm still wrestling with, because my hair is a beast. But I can curl or straighten it as I please and I love that! Just pass a bottle of hair spray... or two.

how do you practice self-love?: I'm a highly sensitive introvert, which means I'm highly reactionary to new things and people and energize in solitude. I take time out of my day to spend by myself, usually at Starbucks with a latte in arm's reach.

imagine the perfect date... with yourself. you have a private jet and unlimited funds available. where would you go and what would you do?: I'd travel the world. The first five places I'd go are Ireland, Germany, Israel, South Africa, and Australia. I'd spend my time wandering the major cities, visiting the main tourist sites but digging deep into the fabric of the native culture at the same time. I'd write about it all and then publish a book about it.

any other thoughts or advice on self-love?: I think knowing how you function is critical in figuring out how best to take care of yourself. I'm frazzled when I spend all my time with people, even though I love them, so to best maintain my friendships, I have to be protective and deliberate about my time alone. I've taken a few personality tests - Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and the Enneagram - and they've been really helpful in figuring out how I best operate.

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