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this post has been in the back of my mind for some time. it started out as one of your typical "blogging tips" posts but I felt I didn't have enough blogging clout just yet to give people advice. then I realized that no matter how big or small my blog is, I have a lot of experience in reading blogs. and who better to give feedback on blogging than a reader?

I will be honest and say that since becoming more serious about my own blog I have had less time to spend reading + commenting on other blogs. unfortunately this had also coincided with discovering more and more amazing people to follow as I became involved in the blogging community. but regardless of how often I visit or comment, the blogs I love most have a lot of things in common. and it has nothing to do with the subject of their content. now... not every blog I follow has all of these qualities [and certainly not in every post.] but I've found these are the reason I will follow someone new, or to keep coming back.

so whether you have 10 or 10,000 followers, write about food or fashion, here are five reasons why I love to read your blog:

I know who you are

I don't mean I know you, personally. but I know your name and enough information that we could have a conversation in real life. there's a picture of you on the sidebar and a nice little blurb explaining about yourself. it's clear who you are and what your blog is all about. maybe you even have a whole page devoted to telling me your life story, your cat's name, and about your weakness for skittles. you also respond to my comments, thanking me for stopping by. it makes me feel like we're friends [or at least we could be.]

you post pretty pictures

you don't have to be a professional photographer or graphic designer, but I like having a visual peek into your life. [plus it gives me something to pin if I like your post.] you also know to size your photos so that they spread across the width of your blog. and if you decide to use stock photography or share other's work, you always give credit. and let's be honest, I don't read every word of every post you share. some days I don't have the time or the mental capacity. but scrolling through pictures... that I can do.

your design is easy on the eyes

your blog has a light background, dark text, and is clean + uncluttered. links to your social media are easily accessible. you know that flashing ads or auto-play music make people run for the hills. and though you have sidebar banners [because you're just trying to make a living like everyone else] the main feature of your blog is the actual content. speaking of...

you post original, well-written content

ok, maybe you share an interesting round-up or a pretty inspirational quote you found on Pinterest from time to time. but for the most part you are creating and sharing your own work. if I want to see a collection of things that other people made that you like - I will follow you on Pinterest. [because I probably already do.] you understand that people come to your blog to hear your opinion. or at least your own take on something that's been done before. hmm... like a list of things that will make people want to read your blog, maybe?

you aren't afraid to get real

sometimes, you spill your guts. you write something that feels risky and raw and is unabashedly honest. and I admire that. I like seeing that you are human and not just the world's most perfect baker/ crafter/ traveler/ fashionista. that you [like me] have bad days, but can find ways to bounce back. and if you want to know the real secret... those are the posts that make me feel the most connected to you, and keep me coming back.

what about you- what do the blogs you love to read have in common?

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