fall and other things.

every year [that I've been living in Taiwan] my mom sends me leaves from Michigan. I also always buy a tiny pumpkin. these are pretty much the only fall things going on around here, as it's currently 88F feels like 90F outside.

there are a lot of things I love about life in Taiwan, but I sure as heck miss a good Michigan fall. tailgates, apple cider, sweatshirt weather... I don't get that here. so please excuse me while I turn on my air conditioner and create myself a little fall photoshoot.

I've been sleeping awful lately. I'm not sure if it's because we started watching Twin Peaks and the freaky dream sequence is giving me nightmares, or that I found a 2.5 inch long cockroach waving its antennae at me in the bathroom the other night. [because that's also giving me nightmares.] Happy Hallo-week?

we're planning to celebrate this friday by cooking burgers and fries [I've deciphered the In-N-Out animal style sauce] and a movie marathon. my movie choice would be Hocus Pocus, obviously. though I could possibly be persuaded to watch Cabin in the Woods or Army of Darkness. that's about as scary as I can handle. how did I end up marrying someone who LOVES horror films?

in other news: I gave my blogging class students a survey yesterday and I really really loved it. I used Typeform and the survey turned out beautiful, and the results were easy to interpret and share with the class. I feel like I have a good plan for the rest of the semester now.

the feedback was helpful, and I actually had fun putting it together. so I'm thinking of creating one for this blog... hopefully you'll take it if I do? I'm not planning any major changes around here, but there are a few things I've considered doing. I think some feedback from my readers would be helpful.

speaking of readers... I realized I have almost 900 followers on bloglovin. first thought: AWESOME. second thought: when/how did this happen? about a year ago I started "blogging seriously" and I had a thought that maybe I could reach 1,000 followers by the end of 2014, but decided that might be an unrealistic goal. well, not so unrealistic now, thanks to every one of you who has come on board this journey with me!

have I mentioned lately that I love you guys?

there's been a lot of unbloggable things happening around here too. I'll try to keep the cryptic tweets and posts to a minimum... but I can't just say nothing. there's a few not-so-great things, but mostly good stuff, and a lot of decisions to be made. I'd appreciate any prayers/thoughts/good vibes/juju you could send my way in the next few weeks.

I hope you're enjoying fall where you are [and whatever it looks like!] how are you planning to celebrate this Halloween weekend?

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