Hong Kong // Victoria Peak

the view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak is iconic. it's that image you picture when you think of the Hong Kong skyline, and it's one of the most popular photo-taking spots in the city. I visited Victoria Peak [also known as just "The Peak"] on my first visit to Hong Kong. I came away with some amazing images, but on my recent trip to HK I decided to go back to this spot and shoot while the sun was setting.

there are several options for viewing the skyline from the peak. on our last visit, we paid the extra fee for access to the SkyTerrace 428 viewing deck. this time around, I purchased a regular tram ticket [accidentally] so had to figure out another spot for shooting.

there is a free viewing deck across the plaza from the main peak building, which I settled on as my spot for the night. the main building that you walk into while exiting the tram [pictured above] boasts the highest viewing deck, but the free one offered no less of an amazing vantage point.

I set up shop next to a girl with a tripod and extremely professional-looking gear. and then I just waited for things to get dark, and had fun playing around with my various camera settings. since I was without a tripod I tried to keep my exposures less than 1/3 of a second and sort of balanced my arm on the railing.

if you find yourself in Hong Kong for any amount of time, I would absolutely recommend a trip to the peak to take in the view. though I had some unpleasant encounters on my trip to HK, this view [and the tasty tacos I had afterward] made up for it.

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