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life as an expat in Iceland might be about as different from life as an expat in Taiwan as you can get. though I certainly don't miss the cold, I can't help but be jealous of the beautiful winter wonderland that Kaelene of Unlocking Kiki gets to experience. I have not seen snow in over 3 years! thankfully, I can get my fill of snowy photos through her blog.

Hi everyone! I am Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki, a girl from Oregon figuring out life in Iceland with my Viking. While Jamie is off exploring the beautiful New Zealand (I am so jealous!) I am here to convince you all that Iceland needs to be added to your winter travel list, like right now!


I know what you're thinking, Iceland, isn't that basically the north pole and always freezing? This may sound crazy but Iceland is really not as cold as it sounds. Don't get me wrong, right now I am freezing my bum off, but the temperature rarely goes below zero so don't write it off just yet. So hear me out and read these 5 reasons why visiting Iceland in the winter is worth braving the cold! 

1. Avoid the crowds 

It seems like everyone is visiting Iceland these days, and with so many people heading this way that means one thing, crowds. Opt for visiting Iceland during the winter months and have a front row seat to the geyser erupting, walk downtown Reykjavik and actual be able to take in all the sights and get close enough to all those stunning waterfalls and feel the spray of the water on your face. 

2. The perfect "golden hour" lighting 

With only 4 hours of daylight during the winter months the sun never fully rises here in Iceland. The benefit of this, perfect lighting for all those pictures you will most definitely be taking. Just be sure to get out and take full advantage of those few precious hours of daylight, even if it is cold outside you won't be disappointed! 


3. The Northern Lights 

Is seeing the Northern Lights high on your bucket list? Book a trip to Iceland during the winter months and finally cross the Northern Lights off your list! For your best chance to view the northern lights head this way November-March and keep your fingers crossed for clear skies. 

4. The 13 Icelandic Santas 

Reykjavik is a beautiful city all year long but Christmas time is when it really shines. To all my fellow Christmas lovers out there take note, a trip to Reykjavik in December is a must. Send a letter to Santa, admire the Christmas lights twinkling all over town, and don't forget to go on a search for the Christmas elves popping up everywhere. Any country that has 13 Santas knows how to celebrate Christmas right! 


5. Snow, lots of snow

Iceland is always beautiful, but Iceland covered in snow, it takes things to another level. Snow covered waterfalls around every corner, sunsets that reflect pink onto the snow, trees sparkling with snow covered branches, the list could go on. One thing is for certain, when snow covers Iceland it creates a scene fit for a fairytale. Sometimes braving the colder temperatures is worth it, and visiting Iceland in the winter is definitely one of those times! 

So who is ready to bust out the winter gear and head over to Iceland? Want to learn more about this unique country I am living in? Check out my Iceland page and spark your desire to visit Iceland even more! I love visitors so head over to Unlocking Kiki and say hi! Bloglovin'TwitterInstagramFacebook

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