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hiiiiii! we are back from an epic [and I mean EPIC] three week journey through New Zealand, and one overnight layover in Seoul. it seems to be my habit to write a nice rambling list-ish post whenever I return from a trip. so, well... here are some thoughts. interspersed with my favorite iPhone photos from the trip [many courtesy of my patient Husband.]

I am both so sad for our trip to be over, and completely overjoyed to be home. which I've decided to take as a sign that our trip was just long enough. marriages and friendships are still intact, but another week may have done us all in.

New Zealand is just as fantastic and beautiful as everyone makes it out to be. if you ever have the chance, GO. I know it's far for most and can be expensive. but it is so worth it.

I hope you've enjoyed the travel tips and stories from the ladies who helped fill in while I was gone [one more coming later this week] and a HUGE thanks to them for helping me out. I wish I could say I look forward to catching up on all the blog news since I've been gone... but I think this is one of those "mark all as read" instances.

while we were in NZ I bought a fitbit. and I'm kindof in love with it. I can't figure out how to find friends on it though, so if you have one and want to hang out let me know... I think now that I'm not hiking all over NZ I will need some motivation to get out and about.

I am drowning in photos. you're going to be seeing NZ through my lens for a long time... but I promise you'll love it. now if only I could figure out where to start. [hence the random smattering of phone photos in this post.]

I'm super itchy to start on a blog redesign. I can hardly believe it's been since last July that I've made any major design changes. I don't exactly know what the new blog will look like yet, but I'm pretty sure you'll notice once it takes effect.

and that's all the random I have for you today. if you have any questions about New Zealand, let me know in the comments and I'll work on answering them in the 400 billion upcoming NZ posts over the next few months. xo

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