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if you don't like pictures of pretty flowers, blue skies, and sunshine... this is not the post for you. since it's officially spring now and Taiwan is starting to show itself in full bloom [helped along by a very rainy week] sharing our trip to the Christchurch Botanic Gardens only seems appropriate.

we visited the gardens on recommendation from Dannielle, who used to live in Christchurch. we wandered for hours through the grounds and hardly covered half of the park. there were pathways and ponds, gardens with specific flowers [or regional plants] and plenty of open lawn for lounging and picnicking. oh - and it's completely FREE.

I'm not an expert on plant life. my mother is an excellent gardener [just like my grandfather before her] and could probably tell you the names of each of these beauties. but I am 98% sure that last photo is of the famous New Zealand silver fern, based on the color under the leaves. all of the plant life in New Zealand was fascinating to me - so different from Taiwan and with many unique native strains.

hydrangeas I can recognize. and of course, the roses. it helped that they were all gathered in one particular place called the "rose garden." seriously, I could have set up a tent and lived in the rose garden it smelled so amazing.

I love going to botanical gardens because they are just so photogenic. [if you couldn't tell.] all the bright colors and fragrances were just... lovely. it seemed like every city we visited in New Zealand had a botanical garden, but I think Christchurch had the largest, oldest, and most beautiful. I would definitely recommend popping in for an afternoon if you are in town.

are you a fan of botanical gardens? where is your favorite one you've visited?

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