hiking Taipei // Battleship Rock

I think I'm becoming a hiking addict. slowly, I'm learning to name the surrounding mountains by sight. I now have hiking tan lines. I've been hiking five times in the last two weeks, both on my own and with new friends who have unofficially formed a weekly group hike date. I just really love mountains, ok?

our first hike date took us up the Junjian Yan hiking trail on the Tianmu end. the trail continues over to Beitou [and apparently past an interesting temple] but we just did the short climb to Battleship Rock, otherwise known as Dog's Head Mountain.

for reference: the Tianmu end of the trail can be found by following signs near Yang Ming University [from the Shipai MRT] or by walking up the road in the northwest area of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital on Shipai Road section 2.

we had a beautiful, clear day. the sun was almost blinding but we were up and down in maybe an hour's time. the giant sandstone peak is what is officially "Battleship Rock" - though there's not much resemblance to my eyes. maybe if you look at it from ground level from the east, it looks a bit like a ship that is sinking.... well I guess they have to name these things somehow.

like most of the Taipei hikes I've done, a healthy portion of the trail is just stairs. I like to think of it as nature's thigh master... my legs are getting seriously strong from all the up and down. a little sweat and strength building is good for you. plus fresh air and sunshine. and sweeping 360 views of Tianmu, Beitou, Yangmingshan Park and downtown Taipei.

Battleship Rock was a great beginner's hike. someday I'd like to go back and do the full trail, but I'm happy to know this hike is right in my backyard for an easy mountain fix. 

[yep, I'm addicted. #sorrynotsorry ]

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