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life is full of little adventures. this morning, I woke up to what sounded like rain. but then I realized it was coming from inside my apartment. I thought maybe Husband hadn't turned the shower off all the way and went in to check, when water started dripping on my head.

because nothing says "happy monday!" like a leaky ceiling.

I freaked out and called my realtor, who of course didn't answer because it was 7:30am. I would have tried to call my landlord but he doesn't speak enough English and I don't speak enough Mandarin for that to be productive. [also, I don't think I have his phone number.] so what else can you do but set buckets under the leaks and wait?

it's also frustrating as only a few weeks ago we had a leak starting in our bedroom, a few feet from the bathroom. they're been doing work on the roof to [hopefully] address that issue but it seems they may have just diverted it. I've since gotten hold of the realtor, who got ahold of the owner, who sent someone to check on things. in theory it will be fixed tomorrow.

I think the urgency of "there is water dripping from my ceiling" was lost in translation. in Taiwan [as in many cultures] tomorrow can literally mean "tomorrow," or it can mean "sometime in the future." so I'm not hoping too high. especially given our experiences with the last major leak we had.

despite the rude awakening this morning, this past week was actually quite awesome.

the weather has been clear and sunny so I took advantage by going on three different hikes [the first of which was Elephant Mountain.] if you haven't figured it out by now, I have a serious thing for mountains. and I am just loving that Taipei is surrounded by them. the forecast isn't looking as great this week, but I already have another hike planned.

I've also been making friends with the new teachers at husband's school - we had a bbq with a view to die for this saturday. and of course a TON of food. but it's also nice to meet people who are more on my schedule. thanks to the large yet small world of blogging I was connected with another expat in my neighborhood, who in turn introduced me to a whole network of expats here. [if you're into sewing at all you should check out Alisa's blog at A Stitch in Between.]

other than that - there's been yoga classes and finally starting to watch True Blood. we've also started planning our trip for over Christmas. we are hoping to swing through Hong Kong and Singapore [though nothing is booked yet.] I think we have our HK plan pretty set, but I've never been to Singapore and am open to suggestions on what to see and eat! please send me your links, friends.

sometimes I get wrapped up in sharing the "travel blogger" side of life, so I want to be sure I also keep you up to date on the daily adventures like this. maybe a monthly thing. next up: more Taipei discoveries and the never-ending backlog of New Zealand. I hope you all have a great week, or at the very least: that your ceilings are not leaky.


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