Auckland snapshots + a call for your questions

Auckland was our first and last impression of New Zealand. we spent 4 nights total in the city, but most days we were arriving from elsewhere or about to head off. the area by the ferry building seemed to be our main hangout. there's plenty of shops and bars and restaurants to be found, and some city parks for relaxing in the sun. that being said, we didn't really do any in-depth exploring here.

mostly I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from the city. you know I'm a sucker for exposed brick, alleyways, and old architecture. Auckland had this very cool, hip vibe and I think we missed a lot of what the city had to offer.

[if you want the details of what we actually saw and did, or where we ate and stayed - check our New Zealand itinerary.]

and last: I'm pretty sure if Husband ever records an album this can be his cover art.

speaking of Husband... we are coming up on the anniversary of the night we met. it will be TWELVE YEARS. holy cow. but in honor of the event I thought it might be fun to do a little Q+A series, starting with questions about our relationship as expats and travelers - and then going on to whatever else you are curious about. I haven't really done Q+A here, so it seemed like a great opportunity to start!

so what do you guys want to know? use this nifty anonymous form, or just write in the comments below. feel free to ask any expat or general questions about Taiwan, our travels, this blog, me, etc. and if you have previously asked a question in comments or email I will do my best to dig them out and answer.

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[you can type multiple questions at once, or submit and then refresh the page to ask again.]

thanks and have a great weekend!

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