weekly wishes #4

it's weekly wishes time again! this post is going to be short and quick because Husband got back late last night from Beijing and [no offense] I'd rather spend time with him than staring at my screen. this week's photo theme was "hobbies" and the one I've been practicing the longest is photography. this particular picture is from 2011 when I did my first 52 weeks project of self-portraits, and I shot it on the trail I used to run on most mornings. so... two hobbies in one! [side note: that trail is one of the things I miss most about living in Princeton. that, and Wegman's.]

last week's wishes:
1. have 2 or more writing sessions for the book. I wrote tuesday and friday last week, and friday turned out to be a really awesome writing day. some of it was actually blog stuff which you'll see later this week, but the majority was book-related.
2. catch up on Everyday Happy homework. I finished this afternoon... and so did the course. I can't believe it's over, but I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge and sign up. Melyssa and Erika did a fantastic job!
3. actually organize my bookshelf. this... did not happen. or at least, did not finish. I bought some baskets to help sort craft supplies and nailpolish, so at least that's a start

this week I want to:
1. have 2 or more writing sessions for the book. again. because I'm trying to form habits here. and somebody needs to keep Starbucks in business.
2. go to Ikea and buy some bedroom curtains. yes, we've lived here for over a year and we don't have real curtains in our apartment. this needs to be remedied. because for some reason I feel like curtains are a sign of a "real" home, and I'm adult enough to want them now.
3. finish organizing my bookshelf. hopefully. I feel silly that this is still on the list, but it's one of those things I keep putting off but I know will feel SO GOOD to finally be done with.

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