the Calla Lily fields of Zhuzihu

picking cala lilies in Yangmingshan // Zhuzihu Village

blue skies, sunshine, and a field of flowers surrounded by mountains - Zhuzihu was my destination, viewing calla lilies my goal. wednesday morning I got myself into a funk over the internet and politics. but the weather was too beautiful to mope. I grabbed my camera and my selfie stick and managed to navigate my way into Yangmingshan National Park by bus. [expat win!]

the little village of Zhuzihu is tucked between volcanic mountains in Yangmingshan, and is a famous spot for tourist to visit and - you guessed it - see the calla lily fields. there are walking paths that lead between fields and over waterways. there are farmers who let you pick your own lilies for a few hundred NT, or stands selling them along the road.

I ended up inside a garden restaurant where picking was not allowed. this meant their fields were full of flowers, ripe for photo opportunities. [and also, some weird knock-off Cheshire Cats. oh, Taiwan.]

most of the photos I've seen of the lilies at Zhuzihu were taken on misty or overcast days. I'm realizing now that these photos are almost blinding because the sun was so bright. but... just another reason to go back, right?

I wanted to be sure I made it back down the mountain in time for yoga class, so I couldn't stay as long as I had hoped. but I was proud of making my way up there myself. it was a lovely little solo adventure, and a perfect way to spend a spring afternoon.

how to get there

I took the S8 [ 小8 ] bus that leaves from Shipai MRT all the way to Zhuzihu [ 竹子湖 ] but you can take any bus that goes to the main visitors center in Yangmingshan and transfer to the S8 or S9 [ 小8 or 小9 ]

my only regret? that Morgan Freeman wasn't around to narrate my selfie-taking.
nestled between the mountains of Yangmingshan National Park just outside Taipei, the small village of Zhuzihu is where visitors can go to view endless fields of calla lilies in spring.

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