eighteen peaks and ONE GIANT SPIDER

today I went out on an adventure with my neighbor, Sean. his wife is a teacher and he [like me] is not. so we thought we would scoot out together to try to find the famous 18 peaks mountain park that resides in Hsinchu.

I should be clear, and tell you that the name of this park is a little misleading. the highest peak in the park is actually just shy of 132 meters tall. but there were plenty of hills and trails and stairs, pavillions and picnic tables, and of course the musical rocks. [because really, what's a hike in the woods without a little elevator music?]

I hope to do some further explorations to see if the trails around the flat end of the park are easy enough for running. asphalt isn't ideal for my knees, but running around Lake Placid involves a lot of paver bricks and navigating a maze of metal doorways and gardens.

however, the park may have one very LARGE downside...

I think I'll be avoiding that trail next time... eek.


  1. Your photos are cool! That spider does look really scary. I saw your blog on Sometimes Sweet. I did a "currently" post too if you want to check it out :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  2. haha that really IS a HUGE FREAKING SPIDER!

  3. Wow! What camera do you use? Great pics!

    1. thanks! I bought a Canon Rebel XSi back in 2009, which is what I used for the pictures in this post. I also have a small Canon powershot and an iPhone which I use fairly often as well!


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