Hsinchu flower market

a few weeks ago, we went to the local flower market in Hsinchu. they had orchids and bonsai and succulents and all kinds of houseplants [and even fake silk flowers.]

Husband and I bought a plant. we aren't sure what kind it is, but it should get pretty white flowers on it. [I'm not sure when- spring maybe?] I named the plant Fred and he's been living in my office. we need to get him a bigger pot soon, but he sprouted some new leaves this week so must be happy here...


  1. Love the flower market, and your photos of it are exquisite! Did you try any of the street food there?

    --Ruth, your downstairs neighbor

    1. thanks Ruth! we didn't try any of the food, but I took some pictures. some of the stuff looked very... interesting!


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