to market, to market

while we were at the Hsinchu flower market, we discovered that only a part of the market was dedicated to plants. the rest was full of brightly colored booths and a jumble of scents and flavors. there were plenty of booths with toys and purses and clothes and games, and even small fish and turtles. but what topped the scene was the food.

noodles and fried rice piled high... and giant dishes of fish guts and other things, ready to be dished out. I'm going to come clean right now that I wasn't brave enough to try anything at the market. [partially because the smell of stinky tofu was dominating the air.]

it seemed like the majority of the booths were serving "fair food". if we had been in the states I bet it would have been popcorn and elephant ears and cotton candy and corn dogs. they still had corn dogs, but a few other unusual items served on a stick: fried squid, seasoned ears of corn, and quail eggs.

whenever I see someone post pictures like this that were clearly taken in a busy, public place I wonder how they did it. you know... isn't it embarrassing to walk up and stick your lens in the food when you aren't planning to buy?

here's the truth: it is. but if you're going to be stared at for being a white girl, you may as well be stared at for sticking your camera all up in the booths too.


  1. Debbie Austin9/4/12, 8:30 PM

    Wow - some of that looked really good! Though I don't know if I would have been brave enough for the stuff in the bowls in the first picture. Gotta be tough when you can't read what it is.

    1. I can't read it either, but I'm pretty sure that's potpourri!
      --Ruth :)

    2. I thought it was tea.... but yeah it does look like potpourri!

  2. Fried squid dusted with curry is amazing!



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