all my bags are packed.


I am a notoriously bad packer. I usually write a list of what I plan to bring... and then totally don't follow it when it comes time to put things in a bag. the actual act of packing takes me forever. hours. I get distracted and start doing things unrelated to packing. like cleaning my bathroom, editing photos, or painting my nails. and then by the time I'm done procrastinating? I'm up all hours of the night drying one last load of laundry.

this trip to Thailand? not so much.

it's friday night. we fly out sunday morning. and my bags are all packed already. that's right, I finished packing 36 hours ahead of time.

[sure, my toothbrush etc. will get thrown in the morning of, but that doesn't really count.]

I had this great idea for a post while I was pulling everything out of my closet: take pictures of each item I packed and list it, show which outfits go together, sort of a "what to pack for 10 days backpacking in Thailand" guide. and then I realized that was just going to add 4 more hours to my packing time and wasn't really necessary. especially since I've never backpacked before and this trip isn't really that kind of a trip [we are only staying in 2 hotels, everything is already planned, there's enough space in my bag I can wear clean clothes the whole time...]


in case you're interested in what I packed, here's a rough list:

3 pairs of shoes 
4 pairs shorts
5 tshirts
8 tank tops
3 maxi dresses
2 1/2 bathing suits
1 long-sleeve shirt
1 light scarf
1 jean jacket
pajamas + underwear
fuzzy socks for the plane

my new journal
1 paperback book
many electronic books
epipen, benadryl, tylenol, etc
basic makeup [mascara] + toiletries
passports, credit + debit cards, visas
photocopies of all the above documents
flight + hotel reservation info

instax mini instant camera
2 packs instant film
DSLR + 17-50mm 2.8 lens
spare battery, extra card, charger
ipad [contains kindle app for reading]
iphone + earbuds
apple charger

yes, I realize that's a lot of electronics to take on vacation. and it makes my carry-on very heavy. and you could totally live off half the amount of clothes I'm bringing. this isn't so much a "what you should pack" list as a "here is what I packed" list. and I consider a little bit of overpacking to be forgivable given my early completion. ok? ok.

I'm making no promises as to when my next post will be... after Thailand we are heading to the Phillipines, and school doesn't start back until mid-february. [thank you, Chinese new year, for a month-long vacation.] I'm trying to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some new experiences, and most of all relax. so that may or may not include taking advantage of hotel wifi. regardless, I'll be sure to have plenty of photos + stories to share when I return.

see you all in the year of the snake!


  1. Glad to see the Epipen made the packing list! Have great fun and we'll talk to you when you return. Love you!

  2. Yay epipen! And whats a half of a bathing suit? Wink wink. Love you. have a safe trip -vanessa

  3. love packing lists! safe travels & have a fantastic time :)

  4. So exciting! I do hope that you have time to post while you're there! If not, no worries, I know how exciting traveling is!

  5. Your blog is making me nostalgic! I lived in south east asia for four years and traveled quite a bit...now I'm back living in the US and missing the food and culture more than ever.


  6. Im the same always pack way too much! Jealous of your trip have a great time!


  7. Ah, I love seeing how other people pack. I am incredibly jealous you're in Thailand - it is my favourite place!

    Lela - www.LelaLONDON.com


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