Chinese class party

the past few months, Husband and I have been taking Chinese lessons along with some fellow western teachers. our teacher, Spring, was very sweet, and very patient with us. some of us were better students than others. some of us missed a lot of classes [due to scooter crashes, sickness, and substituting in my case] but we all learned at least a little.

our end of class party was last week. we hung out, drank some wine, shot some pool, played games in Chinese, embarrassed ourselves with skits we wrote, and laughed a lot.

I'm hoping to do more work on Rosetta Stone once we are back from vacation, but I don't think I will ever master the Chinese language. honestly, we get by just fine on what little we know. but thanks to this class we've learned enough to order our food without shrimp, and that's a win in my book.

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