din tai fung date night

this post is brought to you by... my iPhone. [you know, the one that doesn't work as a phone anymore.]

as much as my inner practical nerd/scaredy cat/goody two-shoes hates to admit it... I do find climbing on the back of the motorcycle scooter to zip off on a date somewhere with my man kinda sexy. last week we went back to Din Tai Fung. Husband had received some gift certificates for the holidays from his students, so we had ourselves a little feast: spicy pickled cucumbers, sauteed spinach, green beans with bacon, spicy pork + vegetable wontons, pork chop fried rice, hot + sour soup, and a diet coke [real diet coke, not coke zero] for me.

as usual, the food was delicious and the company pleasant ♥

cheers + happy weekend!


  1. Adorbs! Happy weekend!

  2. Sounds delicious! Especially the spicy cucumbers! Happy weekend!


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