michigan sunrise

I woke up at 5am this morning, eastern standard time. a small and furry but familiar face was rubbing up against me. I pulled on a pair of jeans and Husband's old high school track sweatshirt, grabbed my camera and a mug of coffee, and sat on the back porch to watch the sun rise.

the cat came with me. on a leash.

we are back in Michigan. my brain just keeps repeating home, home, home... because this is it. I'm here.

the air is crisp and clean. the temperature was 56 F this morning, downright chilly. but it feels awesome after the sweltering heat + humidity of southeast asia I've been in for the past... year.

Thailand was amazing, by the way. prepare yourself for some ancient temple ruins and beautiful beaches as soon as I get myself settled. but I only loaded the photos to my computer this morning since the past 5 days have been a blur. you see, about an hour before we flew out of Bangkok I was railroaded by some violent food poisoning. I though about sharing the whole story... but let's just say for now I spent almost the entire 4 our flight in the airplane toilet. and then the next two days on the couch drinking juice + water instead of packing for home. and thankfully I was feeling better [if not completely exhausted and under-nourished] for our 20 hours of travel yesterday. I had my first real meal after we landed: a vegetarian unwich from Jimmy John's. with bacon. and I know that seems silly but after a year out of the states I wanted bacon.

this morning we had more bacon. extra crispy, with a spinach + feta omelet and fresh berries. I owe my friends in Taiwan some "food porn" but honestly I was too busy eating. soon, soon.

for now, there's this.


  1. The nature pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
    I love the light, that's my favorite time of the morning.

  2. everything about these photos makes me feel at home - maybe because you are feeling so deeply at home inside them. i am happy for you! you did great your first year abroad! enjoy & eat lots of bacon. you deserve it x

  3. These photos are beautiful! So golden and perfect. Excited for your thailand pictures!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  4. MICHIGANDERS! *waves with mitten hand* HIIII!

    And sorry about your food poisoning. Yikes! :(



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