the time has come for me to finally spill the beans. I've got lots of Taipei sights still to share, and soon I'll be backed up on photos from Thailand... but I just can't keep my mouth shut any longer. it's friday afternoon and a typhoon is on the way, so why not curl my hair and take some goofy pictures and blog some confessions?

I'm not very good at keeping my secrets. people can usually read my emotions like a book. sometimes in conversations with acquaintances [or maybe blogging?] I find myself giving way more personal information than is necessary. when we started the process of moving abroad I actually deleted my facebook account for three months to keep myself from the temptation of prematurely letting Husband's/my coworkers from knowing we were leaving. I originally planned to wait a month to tell my boss I was leaving... that lasted less than a week.

I'm very proud to say that other than my family and a few close friends, I have kept a pretty big secret from the general internet public for over six months. six months! and lately, I've been feeling like I might explode if I don't tell people because I am so excited.

so, here's my deep dark secret:

Husband and I are flying back to Michigan! he has to take a certification class for teaching AP World History next year, and I'm tagging along. Husband will be returning to Taiwan after two weeks... but I'm staying for all of August and September!

last summer when we left the states, we didn't think we would be coming back for two years. but. thanks to a series of events involving tax returns, canceled seminars, and schedule switching... we get the opportunity to go back for a while. and I am BEYOND excited. for these, and many more reasons:

- I get to see my family and friends now when I thought it would be another year until I was able
- I don't care if you judge me for this but... MY CATS!
- my brother will be turning 21
- Michigan State football season [and tailgating!]
- one of my best friends is getting married and I actually get to go for a change
- another of my best friends is having a baby boy and I get to meet him
- August and September are some of the best months in Michigan. end of summer, beginning of fall.
- my parents bought a condo in Ludington [with views of Lake Michigan] where I will get to vacation
- my Dad and I are taking a weekend-long photography workshop by the guys who shoot for "Pure Michigan"
- I'm running the Crim 10 mile race in Flint
- shopping at Target! and a million other stores I miss.
- a real oven to bake in... gluten-free cake pops, anyone?
- grilling and backyard campfires
- real bacon... and baby spinach... and figs... and artichokes... and a lot of other non-Asian foods
- Buddy's Pizza and Jimmy John's unwiches and New Planet beers [all gluten free!]

I'm going to stop that list before it gets ridiculous... or turns into a grocery list.

we are leaving for Thailand on monday, return late the following sunday, and then early wednesday we take off for Detroit via Tokyo. [yes, that means we have something stupid like 48 hours between trips. oh well.] I will be heading back to Taiwan in October. in the meantime... blog posts may be sporadic and not quite as exotic, but I'll keep them coming. 


  1. Wow I'm so excited for you as a fellow expat. And I always get super excited to see my cat when I go home :) Enjoy your couple months with your friends and fam!

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  2. Counting the days....hours....minutes....seconds! <3

  3. That is so exciting that you will get to spend so much time at home! Also, I wish I was as good at curling my hair :)

  4. wahoooo!!!! visiting home is always so exciting! i didn't know you were from michigan! i grew up in dewitt, just north of lansing! i hope you have a blast!!!!

  5. My eyes are welling up with tears! Sometimes, things really do work out wonderfully

  6. there's really nothing to apologize for. list away! you love what you love and you just need to come home and plug back in to your home heart! i'm sooooo excited because i'll finally get my wish of talking to you on the cell phone when i'm shopping in wal-mart and target - do you think i had a premonition?!! x

  7. It's always amazing to go home, have a great time chick!


  8. Oh wow, that will really be exciting to be able to go home and do all the things you've missed! And you're right, August and September are the best months of Michigan weather. I think it's too bad I chose the month of August to be away from Michigan....


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