typhoon soulik

we made it through typhoon soulik safe and sound... I wish I could say the same for the trees.

the wind howled and the rain poured for almost 24 hours. there's some water damage on one of the walls in my office [yes, the one they just patched] but other than that, no casualties in our house. I will admit it was a little freaky when we discovered our porch was flooding due to water bubbling up through the drain... we live on the second floor so that may tell you something about how much rain we had.

today I went out for a scoot and saw no less than 3 cars smashed by trees in less than a 1/2 mile. when I got home, Husband and I took a walk around the school campus to survey the damage. what we saw seemed to be mostly limited to the tress and not actual property... though one of the guard sheds had it's roof blown off. soulik seems to have been a much more serious storm than the typhoon that welcomed us to Taiwan last summer.

yikes. I hope everyone else in the storm's path fared as well as we did. I'm glad we were prepared and stayed inside to wait it out. I'm also very glad the storm didn't wait another 48 hours to roll through and ruin our travel plans. I suppose Taiwan just wanted to give us a memorable sendoff...


  1. yikes! i'm glad to hear you're both safe and sound! those typhoons can be scary to sit through!

  2. Oh wow this brings back bad memories of Sandy. Are you returning to the states?

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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