packing list: 10 days in Bali

this detailed packing list breaks down what to bring for a 10 day trip to the island of Bali, Indonesia. figuring out what to pack is always tough for me, so I thought I would share in hopes that this will help you out! this list is specifically for my trip to Bali, but could work for any number of tropical climates.

I'm leaving for Bali tomorrow and my bag is finally packed! [except for my toothbrush, etc... obviously plan to use that before leaving but you get the point.] according to statistics and science and stuff, you guys like when I post about packing. and since part of my pre-packing planning and crazy procrastination was to take pictures of most of my clothes, you're about to see exactly what it is I've packed.

I'm going to preface this with a little disclaimer: we are flying on an airline that allows 20 kg of luggage for free, and my backpack has a 75 liter capacity. we are also staying at the same hotel in Ubud the entire time- so packing light is not a huge concern. our major activities will be visiting temples and beaches, hanging out by the pool and walking into town for food. maybe some scooting and definitely some avoiding thieving monkeys in the jungle.

with that in mind, I have packed:

dresses: for some reason I don't like traveling in pants, so I plan to wear a dress with leggings on the plane. dresses are also easy to throw on to head for breakfast, or dinner, or the beach, etc etc. it's also good to bring one nicer outfit just in case.

shirts + shorts: I try to pack a mix of plain and patterned shirts. since shoulders need to be covered when we visit temples, I'm bringing half of my shirts with some sleeve. each shirt has go with at least two of the pairs of shorts. I could probably survive with only one of the jean shorts... but while the ones on the left are longer, they tend to stretch out after a few wears.

swimwear: I like my swim tops to have a little support- especially since I will occasionally wear one as a strapless bra while traveling. this means they can't scrunch as much and take up more space, but what's a girl gonna do? I also will bring multiple bottoms to go with certain tops sometimes... my black swimsuit has four different cut/patterned bottoms I can wear with it. [though I'm only bringing two this trip. see? progress.]

outerwear: Bali is going to be highs around 85F and a low of 75F while we are there. I've packed this scarf and a light cardigan to take with me at night. I may not need them, but I hate being cold and I tend to get chilled easily if I get too much sun. the jacket is mostly for the plane [since I always FREEZE] and is a super comfy sweatshirt material.

not everything is pictured because it was either in the laundry, or I changed my mind about what to bring. [or because you know what a white v-neck tshirt looks like.] also included but not pictured are the 12 travel essentials I shared with you before [medicine, entertainment, etc] and a few splurges too [camera gear, nailpolish.]

here's a more comprehensive list:
4 tank tops
5 tshirts
4 dresses
3.5 swimsuits
3 pairs of shorts
1 set running clothes
1 sarong wrap
1 scarf
1 cardigan
1 sweatshirt/jacket
2 pairs sandals
pajamas + underwear

and it all fits in here! my bag officially clocks in at 11.3 kg, not including the zip-on backpack that I will use for a carryon.

as I've been putting this post together I realize that most of my packing issues revolve around procrastination... but at least this time it's for a good cause. I'm leaving tomorrow but have scheduled a few posts for you while I'm gone. you can also keep up with our trip on twitter + instagram [depending on internet availability.] have a great few weeks and I'll see you in february!

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update: where it's from
red + grey stripe dress, pink/blue/black pattern dress, blue pattern tank, orange pattern tank, purple tee, rolled jean shorts, newsprint bikini, sweatshirt moto jacket : Anthropologie 
black + cream striped dress, scoopneck tee : Target
grey dress, green shorts : Old Navy
mint v-neck tee, black tank, palm print bikini : Victoria's Secret 
ripped jean shorts, printed scarf : Forever 21

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