april goals: rock it out

it's April 1st, which means in 29 days I turn 29.  there's a lot of "shouldn't I have a house and babies and such by this point?" floating around in my head. accompanied by "I don't feel nearly old enough for that" and some indignant "my life is awesome as it is." I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about this later.

the start of a new month also means setting some new goals.

side note: we went to Taipei this weekend for some falafel and a walk through our favorite park. someone might have had a glass of wine at lunch and then decided the thing to do on a beautiful sunday afternoon was to take jumping photos.

as for last month's goals, I was pretty successful!

as you can see from my, er, impressive leg musculature... I've been running and doing yoga. our budget has also resulted in eating at home more which means healthier meals. with all of that, I've been feeling really strong and just good.

I hit 45,000 words on my manuscript last week. 46,241 to be exact. which means I more than doubled my word count this month. if that isn't worth another jumping photo, I don't know what is...

for this month, my goals are a little similar:

+ keep writing +

I have a friend arriving on April 27th, which gives me nearly 4 weeks to cram in as much writing as possible. I'm going to aim for hitting 75,000. it makes me a little dizzy to type that number, but since I just wrote 25,000 words last month I don't think 30,000 is our of the realm of possibility.

+ start a training plan +

like I said before, I've been running. but this month I want to sign up for a few races so I have a goal in mind. I've just been getting back into things, but creating a solid training plan will help me be more consistent and stay on track.

+ get the apartment together +

spring [and anticipating visitors] also has made me antsy to do some cleaning and re-arranging in our apartment. I've got a few decorating and organizing projects in the works, and as long as I can get enough light to shoot the photos you should see one project tomorrow.

+ tweak the blog design +

I've been itching to do this for a while, but lately my internet service has been a piece. [which also has put me behind on comments and blog reading] I'm not making any huge changes, but things may look a little different around here soon.

what are your plans for April?

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