bali // temple on the lake

when we rolled into Pura Ulun Danu Bratan [less formally known as "the temple on the lake"] we were greeted with a Pinterest-perfect misty view. this temple complex sits on the shores of, and partially on, a lake surrounded by mountains in the heart of Bali. the grounds include lush gardens and a variety of structures + statues draped in colorful fabrics. unlike our visit to Tanah Lot later that day, this place really delivered.

this temple is one of the holiest sites on the island. fresh water for irrigation is crucial to the lives of the people who work in the island's rice paddies, and this lake is the main water source for much of central Bali. a major portion of the temple was closed for worship while we were there, but there was still plenty to see.

one of the sights was, of course, yours truly. this kid and his classmates were the first of many to ask to take my picture that day. but given our gorgeous surroundings I couldn't really be upset over it. [besides, I took his picture too.]

the sun came out as we strolled around the lakeshore, and if we didn't have plans to visit other places I think we would have been content to wander the gardens and sit down for a picnic. even though there were a decent amount of tourists, this temple turned out to be one of our favorites on the island.

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