cruising Milford Sound: part 1

Milford Sound was the most remote location we visited in New Zealand. and when you drive all the way out into the Fiordlands where there is no cell service or gas stations, you make the trip worthwhile. I think 100% of people who have visited Milford Sound will agree there is one thing you MUST do while there: take a cruise. seriously. this ended up being one of my favorite things we did over our entire 3 week trip.

there are about a dozen choices for cruising the sound. you can take the quick version, the luxury party cruise, paddle yourself out in a kayak, or even stay overnight on a huge ship. we opted for something in the middle: a smaller boat that cruised the whole sound in about 2 hours, booked through Mitre Peak.

the small boat allowed us to get up close to the waterfalls and seals. between those, the misty mountains, and the rainbows... my camera and I were pretty much in heaven. there was a bit more cloud cover than I would have liked, but the recent rains worked in our favor to get the waterfalls flowing. Milford Sound gave us an amazing show - the only thing missing [that I've seen other people post about] was a school of dolphins. and maybe a mermaid.

as we crept out towards the ocean, the water became more turquoise and the sun broke through the clouds. I drank my fill of complementary coffee to make up for the lack of sleep while camping the previous night. and I waved in the general direction of Tasmania before the boat turned back into the sound.

while the number of photos in this post may suggest otherwise, I did put the camera down for a few minutes to just enjoy the ride. as much as I love being behind the lens, the breeze felt pretty good without the camera blocking my face.

[that being said... I still took enough photos that this will have to be a two part post.]

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